The Software Testing Industry has witnessed significant evaluation in past few years. It has become mandatory to have assurance of quality before releasing any product. Every year, we get to see new changes in terms of technologies and 2017 was no exception. Microsoft released Open Sourced Visual Studio Test. Sauce Labs released new Appium Desktop which is a graphical front-end for running Appium Server and starting session. Webdriver got W3C Candidate Recommendation and adoption of DepvOps also deserves our attention. The industry is also evolving to uncharted horizons in areas like test automation, performance and security. Mobile Automation is also one of the top trending territory.

Earlier, software testers had relatively simple job, to focus more on manual testing and knowledge gaining was limited to knowing the functioning of testing tools. But, now advance specialized knowledge is required for software testers to think and grasp beyond conventional testing strategies. So, here we present Top 10 Emerging Software Testing Trends that we should pay attention and adopt in Year 2018. Let’s take a look:

1) Rise & Shine of Open Source Tools

Most companies are now adopting Open Source tools for better execution of Tests, Automation, Agile, DevOps & Defect Management. There are many tools available in market providing excellent features and support to serve your purpose at great level. Selenium for automation and Apache JMeter for performance testing are the best example of Open Source tools.

2) Agile & DevOps will Rule

DevOps is a culture which promotes the collaboration of Development and Operations Teams. It provides us some amazing features/activities like Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring. DevOps has gained good amount of interest over past few years and it will grow more in future. Testing has to be more progressive and iterative and to achieve that Test Automation engineers have to be part of agile teams. Test Automation has to be done at every level and such development life-cycle will push business towards speedy and qualitative delivery.

3) Excessive Demand of Security Testing

Web and Mobile applications hold sensitive corporate and customer information. Everything starting from communicating with friends are relatives to paying bills and shopping, is going online. This web paradise is not safe as it looks. 80% of cyber attacks are carried out on application layer. Security Testing is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity.

4) Growth of Mobile Automation Testing

Everything is going mobile and this trend is going to last longer than we expect. We are seeing more traffic from smartphones and tablets than from desktops in e-commerce and banking domains. These mobile applications are frequently updated with tons of changes and bug fixes. Automated testing, if implemented using proper tools and techniques, can be highly alternative that can produce significant business return. Market of Open Source Mobile Automation tools is booming in Software Testing world and continuously growing. Appium(iOS & Android), Robotium(Android) & Protector(For Angular Web Pages) are such tools we can see rising at exponential speed.

5) Performance Engineering

The success of a website or an application is entirely dependent on the quality of user experience it provides. This experience include design, functional implementation & usability of application. The better user experience leads to higher growth on market. The need to provide best UX can be achieved by Software/System Performance Engineering(SPE) without compromising constant performance of application. The systematic approach is focused on architecture, design and implementation. It helps to build the product with lower cost but ensures that product meets performance requirements within defined timeline.

6) Internet of Things(IoT) Testing

Demand of IoT is increasing rapidly. Customers are becoming more aware about IoT before purchasing any product. All the IoT devices require network connectivity hence they become vulnerable to security risks. It is very much necessary to perform IoT Testing before these products are released in market.

7) Big Need for Big Data Testing

As the name implies, we use huge amount of data and they are nothing but the collection of large amount of data-sets. These data-sets cannot be processed using manual techniques. Big data testing needs a very strong strategy, tools, techniques and frameworks. This area is getting stronger everyday and will grow big in near future.

8) Robotic Process Automation will soar

RPA is a technology that enables software bots to replicate the actions of human workers for tasks such as data entry, data scraping, functional testing. By implementing RPA, organizations can boost the efficiency of legacy systems up-to 150% over manual operations. RPA technology is built to perform repeatable tasks with higher speed and utmost perfection each time. Finance and Risk Banking areas are favorites in adopting robotics automation.

9) Era of Digital Transformation

Almost all organizations are aiming at digital transformation. Purpose is to deliver the product to market in shortest possible time without compromising the quality. The digital strategy of these organizations involve optimizing functional software testing across all channels.

10) Mandatory Software Testing Practices

The demand of top quality product is increasing at a speed we can’t imagine because of the fierce competition. As a result, organizations are now investing more in Software Testing practices to achieve desired quality. This year we shall see this growth reaching unbelievable heights.

Please share your understanding on upcoming Software Testing Trends. Hope this article helps you to set new goals. I will end this article with a prediction: “Strong is The Force in This Year”.

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