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Top 6 scenarios to test website Search functionality

Search functionality

Can you find a website without Search functionality? I don’t think that’s possible. So, we know how significant it is to test a Search feature thoroughly. The coverage of testing a search functionality is so wide that it is possible to miss a key feature and definitely we don’t want to do that.

So we thought why not list down all such scenarios and prepare a checklist, which can be used as a reference for testing search functionality.

Search facility is implemented in each website differently based on the requirement and nature of the application. This article does not cover all of them but we have focused to cover all common scenarios though some of the scenarios mentioned below may not apply in your case. Kindly ignore them!

Placement & UI of Search Bar

– Website Search Bar location is very essential. Usually it is in the Header section on top right portion of the screen.

– Look & Feel and Size of the Search Box. Is it attractive and engaging enough to make you perform a search instead of roaming on website pages?

– Is Placeholder text(displayed within the search box and disappear when you start typing) is enabled?

– Is font family used in search keyword matching overall theme and layout?

Is Site Search Suggestions Enabled?

– Is your website search having auto suggest feature?

– How smoothly it populates the list of suggestions as you starts typing into the search box?

– Are the suggestions properly updated when you enter / remove a keyword?

– Are the suggested results relevant to the keyword you are typing?

– What happens when you click on any suggestion? Is it redirecting to proper result page?

Advance Search Feature

– Is your website having Advance Search feature?

– How can you access advance search window? Is it feasible and user friendly?

– What are the options and extra features it provides? Are all the features working properly and producing appropriate search results?

– Combination of different search criteria must produce proper results. Same applied for individual selection.

– Searching through Advance features should not populate 0 Result. If there is a case, that particular criteria should be hidden.

Search Results

– What happens when you click Search button without entering any keyword?

– Does the search box keeps the history of previously searched keywords?

– Are you getting the proper result for what you have searched?

– Do the result page title contains searched keyword?

– How many search results are displayed per page? Is pagination enabled when you have more results per page?

– In which order the search result is organized? Can you change the order?

– Is there a facility to search again from result page itself?

– There must not be any discrepancy in result when searching with same keyword multiple times.

– How good is the performance of rendering results for most frequently used search keywords?

– What happens when you search with a keyword that does not produce any result? There must be a page showing you proper message with a box to search again.

– How feasible it is for user to navigate back to same search result page after clicking on any result link?

Responsive is Must

– Are you able to see each and every feature of Search in responsive mode?

– How user friendly is Search in Mobile devices? It must not be frustrating.

– Is Advance search working properly in responsive mode?

– All the images and visuals in Search result should be properly displayed in responsive screen.

– Almost every point we discussed above applies for responsive mode as well.

So, that is all I can think of right now. I will be adding more scenarios in future. You can also help me make this list richer, post a comment if you feel any scenario deserves to be in the list which I have missed.

Thank You & Happy Testing!!

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