In this article, we will see Selenium IDE Installation step-by-step. Before going any further if you want to go through basic understanding of Selenium and its components, click here : Selenium Introduction. You can also go through some fundamental Automation Basics material.

Now, as you are aware that Selenium IDE is an extension of Firefox browser. So what you need is latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser installed in your system. You can download it from here : Install Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1 : Open SeleniumHQ in Mozilla Firefox browser.

– Open Mozilla Firefox browser and enter the URL
– You will be redirected to the official Selenium Head quarter website.
– Click on the “Download” tab (highlighted in the image below) from header.

Step 2 : Download Selenium IDE

– From Download page, click on “from” link under Selenium IDE section.

– You will be redirected to Selenium IDE Add-ons page, where you have to click on “Add to Firefox” button.

– Right after clicking on “Add to Firefox” button, you will see a fly-out where you will need to click on “Install” button.

– You will be asked to restart the browser. Click on “Restart now” button.
– Browser will be restarted and now you will be able to see Selenium IDE under tools menu.

Step 3 : Opening Selenium IDE

– So far you have successfully installed Selenium IDE in your Firefox browser.
– Now click on “Tools” from Menu bar, under which you will see “Selenium IDE”. There is another way to open IDE window, that is CTRL+ALT+S. But make sure your focus is set on Firefox browser.


– Finally, you can see Selenium IDE window on your screen now.


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