There are few factors we should focus upon before starting Automation Testing in the project. Feasibility check is always necessary before investing time and manpower into establishing Automation Testing. Below are few prerequisites we should consider:

Is your project Automation friendly ?

Well the answer is not all projects are Automation friendly, evil but true. Before introducing Automation in your project you need to focus on certain areas like : Project size, technology on which project is being developed, complexity of the requirements & budget constraint. For example, in a small sized project automation testing should not be the part of Testing Life-cycle as such projects do not have budget to hire / allocate automation specialist. But, for long term projects including automation becomes necessary.

Before establishing Automation on project level there are various factors we should focus on :

Automation Tool :

There are various automation tools available in market but choosing best possible option for your project is very important. Identifying skills-set of your resources w.r.t the Automation Tool you are intend to purchase is a the must check. Though various open source tools like Selenium, AutoIT, Watir & Cucumber are available in market but having skillful resources is still a factor.

Learning Curve & Complexity:

Script based automation requires good amount of programming knowledge. Such resources come at a price and that increases the cost to automate. Training available resources can also be time consuming which can not fulfill the immediate requirements. If the resource is at initial learning level than challenges faced during automation will require more than usual time in debugging, which is not acceptable most of the time.

Budget & Time :

Script based Automation means coding. Considerable amount of time and work is required for that, which leads to more cost.

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