Jmeter, Performance Testing

Introduction to Jmeter as Performance Testing Tool

As mentioned in the Apache Jmeter official website, it is a pure Java based application designed as Load Testing Tool and for efficiently doing analysis & performance measurement of Web applications or variety of services. Apache Jmeter is an open source Performance Testing tool with some outstanding abilities.

You can use Apache Jmeter for Performance, Load, Stress and other related Testing types including memory leak Testing as well. Jmeter can generate heavy load and can hit the application with number of concurrent users defined in you script based on the requirement.

In this Article we are going to discuss about some basics of Jmeter and why it is used as Performance Testing Tool. This is the first article in the category  “Jmeter”, following by hierarchical coverage starting from Installation and the recording of First Jmeter script.

Jmeter Workflow : Overview

Jmeter does nothing but simulates bunch of virtual users and using them to send requests on the target server. It also gathers the response coming from server in form of Tables, Graphs, Result Tree etc.


Features Of Jmeter :

1) It is Free Open source software and learning curve of Jmeter is very less.

2) User-friendly GUI : Very easy to understand and Jmeter Version 3.0 comes with an option to change the look and feel. Available choices are : Metal, Nimbus, CDE/Motif, Windows, Windows Classic, Cross Platform & System.

3) Wide Testing Coverage : Jmeter supports various Non-functional Testing approach like Load Test, Stress Test, Distributed Testing, Webservice Testing etc. Also provides supports for protocols such as : HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, and FTP.

4) Jmeter is also used for Functional & Automation testing.

5) Jmeter stores Test Scripts in XML format. By using Jmeter plugins you can write your own test cases.

6) Highly Extensible and Platform Independent.

7) Variety of Reports are generated through Jmeter which helps user to understand Performance Test execution results.

That is all about introduction to Jmeter. Next article is : Installation Of Jmeter & Understanding Of Basic Components.

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  1. Raman

    I was watching video on youtube about “how to use jmeter” and watched collection of 19 videos and in none of the videos he used any programming language to test
    So, My question is that do I really need to have the knowledge of Java in order to use jmeter or I can simply add one more tool into my Resume

    Please Reply as I really need 2 know


    • Rishil Bhatt

      Hello Raman,

      To use Jmeter you don’t need to have detailed knowledge of programming language. But learning Jmeter can be challenging if not chosen the proper path. Try to learn each feature of Jmeter step by step. Follow articles provided by Testing Journals and sure you will be able to add one more excellent tool into your Resume.

      Let us know in case of any query.

  2. Harshul Shah

    Very good read! Crispy and concise! I will try my hands on Jmeter for sure!

    • Rishil Bhatt

      Thank You Harshul. Glad you liked it !!
      Contact Us if you have any queries. More such articles will be added gradually.

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