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Difference Between Regression Testing & Retesting

Regression Testing-Retesting

The difference between Regression Testing and Retesting is asked in almost all interviews and often we get confused if the question is twisted or asked differently. In this article we will understand the core concept of these two terminologies and also compare the difference between them.

Retesting :

While doing testing of any Software defects are found and reported to the developer for fix. Now that developer works on the reported issue to fix and assigns
back to the Tester for verification.

Being a Tester, we are supposed make sure that defect is fixed and affected functionality is also working fine. This defect verification process is called Re-Testing.

Regression Testing :

After code change in existing functionality we need to do re-verification and make sure that there are no side effects or new issues have not surfaced. The Code change happens because of the defect raised by Testing team or if there is a change request in the existing feature.

Purpose of doing Regression Testing is to confirm whether a code change has not affected the existing feature and all the related features are working as expected.

RetestingRegression Testing
Retesting is done to make sure that Defect is fixed and failed test cases are not passing.Regression Testing is done to ensure that code changes due to defects or change request has not affected existing functionality.
Retesting has higher priority than Regression testing.Usually Regression Testing comes later than Retesting.
Retesting process can not be automated.You can identify regression test cases and those areas can be automated.
Retesting is only for Failed test cases in which defects are raised.Regression Testing is done for already passed test cases.
Defect verification is part of Retesting.Defect verification does not come under Regression Testing.
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