Can Automation completely replace the Manual testing ? The answer is big NO, unless you are Tony Stark and owns JARVIS.

The core benefit of having Automation is that it saves Time. More scenarios automated for your project gives you more coverage over manual testing. More frequent you execute and re-run your automation test suites will save more time you would have spent doing the process manually.

Let’s say you are working on a project where you get a new release / build from development team alternate week. So new piece of code or bug fixes are deployed on your server are are ready for test. Now this testing activity consist two parts : Testing newly deployed functionality, Regression testing of existing features and defect verification plus re-testing.

Now regression testing needs to be performed frequently and on going basis, hence such scenarios can be automated. Newly released functionality can also be part of this regression automation suits for future execution. But these new features has to be tested thoroughly to make sure they matches the requirement. For that we can not rely on Automation.

At-least one round of Manual testing is must to execute all relevant test cases and to verify the behavior on the application.

Usability Testing :

This testing type completely deals with the real user experience of your website or application. You need to think from end user’s perspective to determine if the application is easily understood, operative and enough attractive for rich user experience.

Such behavior is almost impossible to automate as it is totally based on look an feel. Automated test can’t check all of that, only users can. Hence for Usability testing we have to rely only on Manual check.

Exploratory Testing :

It is all about exploring the the software by navigating random paths and discovering what it can do and what it can’t. Test design and execution, both the activities are performed in parallel opposite to what we do in scripted testing. This type of testing is officially performed when there is very poor or no requirement documented and / or time for execution is very limited.

As there are no predefined steps or rules for exploratory testing, there is no scope for the automation.

Compatibility :

Not all Automation tools will be compatible with your Application vice versa. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to automate and manage the scripts that it’s much more easy and cheaper to do it manually.

So, considering all the aspects discussed above, we can say that Automation can not replace Manual Testing. After-all automation is there to ease human effort. We don’t want ourselves fighting to automate impossible scenarios in the race of achieving 100% automation coverage.

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