Exploratory Testing is all about exploring the software by navigating random paths and discovering what it can do and what it can’t. Planning and Test Case execution are on least priority in this type of testing as there are no pre-defined steps. In exploratory testing we try to verify how well system reacts to special/invalid inputs and edge cases.

A rich test data set including both valid and invalid inputs is required to perform exploratory testing effectively. In this article, I will share with you a super cool google chrome extension named “Bug Magnet” which will help you configure Data validations and variety input scenarios likely to cause issues.

Bug Magnet is open-source and you can also customize. To download and modify the source Code, here is its GitHub Location.

Features of Bug Magnet:

1) Test Data for common boundary values and edge cases for exploratory testing.
2) Applicable for input fields, Text area and editable DIVs.
3) Lorems, Text Size(With and without spaces), Name(Latin charset and others), Cities, Valid and Invalid Email Address, Valid and Invalid URLs, Numbers, White-space, Format Exploits.
4) Opensource and customize friendly.


Bug Magnet is a Google Chrome extension and can be installed by few clicks easily.

Install Bug Magnet For Google Chrome

Click this button to navigate to Bug Magnet installation page in your Google Chrome browser. You’ll see a page as shown below:


As highlighted in the screenshot there will be a button “Add To Chrome”. If you click that button, you’ll be asked to click “Add Extension” through pop-up window. Confirm the action and Bug Magnet will be installed in your system successfully.

How to use Bug Magnet?

Right click on any input field (e.g. Text-box) and you’ll see an option “Bug Magnet“, under which there will be list of input types as we discussed under features section.


You can provide the input from available options depending upon the type of the input fields. For example, Bug Magnet provides list of valid and invalid Email addresses which you can use for testing validation of email address field.

Bug Magnet also provides multiple Format Exploits such as : SQL Injection, JS Script Injection, XSS Injection (Single Quote and Double Quote), HTML Parsing and broken HTML.

No need to be only negative when using Bug Magnet. It also provides plenty of valid inputs as well.

Conclusion : Make great use of this awesome extension and enrich your Exploratory Testing activity.

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