5 Reasons why Testers and Developers should have Good Rapport

We have often seen Developers and Testers fighting or arguing over who is more valuable to the project. Many times they don’t share good rapport which affects quality of the project. Actually there is no harm in such friendly discussion but make sure that we don’t intend to hurt someone’s feelings. In this article we will discuss about the necessity of Good Rapport a developer and tester should have.

Each resource assigned to a project should have a single goal and that is Successful Delivery & Client Satisfaction. It is very difficult to achieve this goal if not working as a Team.

A project can suffer at great level if the team members working for it are not in┬ásync or don’t share a healthy & good rapport. Let’s discuss about some Key factors where Developers & Testers should work together for the betterment of the Project Status:

1) Successful Delivery & Client Satisfaction : Ultimate Goals

Whether you are Developer or a Tester, keep focus towards improvement of the current situation. Project / Product quality is always at the highest priority which can lead towards client satisfaction. To reach up-to that level, developers must understand the requirement and should have knowledge of each functional flow covering the modules assigned to them.

On the other hand, Testers must convert every requirement scenarios into Test Cases. While executing those Test Cases, testers are supposed to think beyond what’s written and try to find out as many defects as possible.

It is advisable that Developer and Tester who are working on the same module sit together and share the opinions and findings. This approach can help at great level on detecting the issues at earliest stage.

2) Target the Functionality, Not the Developer

This point is specially for the Testers. Your aim is to make sure that functionality you are testing gets delivered defect free, so convey the same message to the team through you action and words. Some developers are easy picks, you get bunch of issues when testing the feature developed by them. See, everyone does not have the same technical skills and it can vary based on the field experience. You really don’t want to give someone inferiority complex.

Share some of your tactics with them so that they can apply the same strategies while doing Unit Testing before delivering the feature to the Tester.

3) Communication is the Key

Be in constant touch with your developers, sit with them & talk to them about the development / Testing progress. You can also discuss the complexities while having coffee in the cafeteria. Share the loop holes with them if found, no need to wait for such gaps to be converted in the defects and then captured in the Testing phase.

While reporting any defect, keep it positive and straightforward. You can read more about how to write an excellent Bug Report.

4) Friendly Atmosphere always Reduce the Stress

We always find ourselves dealing with the strict deadline and such high pressure situation causes stress. Keep the environment cool by cracking the jokes and sharing any past funny experience. Don’t let the stress affect the quality of the work you are doing.

5) Respect the Individual

As mentioned above, not everyone share the same amount of knowledge and expertise. Project Teams are formed with mixed experienced resources. Some of them are highly experienced and some are at their beginning level. I have seen managers and leads shouting on the juniors in-front of whole team. Such behavior creates unhealthy environment for everyone working in the team. Best way to avoid these situations is by respecting and appreciating the work done by each team member. If someone is not performing at expected level or you are having conflict with anyone in the project, such issues should be handled privately without hurting anyone’s self esteem.

Testers & Developers | United By Software | Divided By Defects

I have shared these 5 points based on my experience. If you have something else in your mind, let us know via comments. Thank You & Happy Testing.

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