I have seen many people asking questions about the career switch from Development to Software Testing. Before we go into any detail about Developers Pursuing Career in Software Testing,  let’s look at some most frequently asked questions :

1) “I am a Web Developer and want to switch to Software Testing / QA. Is it worth to switch ?”

2) “I am a Java Developer having 2 years of experience. What should I know to pursue my career in Software Testing ?”

3) “How difficult it is to move from Development to Software Testing ?”

4) “All my friends are in Development. Will I get the same pay scale if I shift to Software Testing ?”

The most common answer to all such question is : “You are a developer and that puts you at an advantage. Automation Testing is the area where you can utilize your skills. Most of the companies are shifting from traitional QA to Automation because it saves money“.

Well, this answer is technically correct but Automation is not the replacement of Manual Testing and it will never be. Automation is not more than a segment of Software Testing. There are many more areas in which a person should have knowledge / expertise to become a versatile software tester.

So to all the Developers who wish to switch thier career to Software Testing, I would like to share some fundamentals which can help making your decision.

Biggest Myth: Choose Software Testing only if you are not good at Development

Well this is partially correct statement. If you are not so good at Development ofcourse you can try pursuing career in Software Testing but that is not the only reason or option. So being in the Software testing has nothing to do with your technical ability as a Developer. Frankly speaking, there should not be a comparison even. Software Testing is an independent phase of project lifecycle and it shares the equal importance as Development.

What is real reason behind quitting Development ?

You must know the actual reason which led you to think of quitting programming job. It is not a small decision, this is the career change we are talking about. These are the most commons factors for quitting : Frustration, Payscale, Happiness, Future visibility, Growth & Chronic uncertainty.

Why Software Testing ?

First understand what you do you want be 10-15 years down the line. The most common questions asked to every beginner coming for a Software Testing interview is: “Why Software Testing?” & “Are you really interested in Testing?”. You must have an answer to these questions.

Are you ready for the Fresh Start ?

It is never easy to quit and do a fresh start. You must have invested enough amount of Time, Energy and efforts. You will be considered as a beginner in Software Testing so it will be literally a fresh start. You will be told to look at the application and think from entirely different perspective and being a developer it can be difficult to consume.

Testing is not about just finding defects. Learn the business purpose of Software Testing first.

Software Testing is much more than finding the bugs from the system. It is a process of analyzing a software item to detect the differences between existing and required conditions (that is defects/errors/bugs) and to evaluate the features of the software item. A person testing the application needs to think from Client’s and End User’s perspectives. He should not be following blindly what is written in requirement document and must validate its purpose of existence.

Hope I have explained upto satisfactory level. All the very best for future & if you have any confusion, please post your queries in comment section below.

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